Past Winners TJ Boulting

BJP IPA 2017: Introducing Hannah Watson, director of TJ Boulting, who will host the winner’s exhibition

Enter this year’s IPA for a chance to win a month-long exhibition in a forward-thinking, central London gallery. Here is what you need to know about TJ Boulting from its director and co-founder Hannah Watson

This year marks the 14th edition of British Journal of Photography’s International Photography Award.

It is a commendation that has established itself as one of the key showcases of emerging photographic talent, offering a three-week solo exhibition at the renowned TJ Boulting gallery in the heart of London, as one of its prizes.

Juno Calypso’s IPA 2016 exhibition opening at TJ Boulting

This year, there will be just one award for the best photography series. 

The winner will also receive up to £5000 production grant, travel & accommodation to London to attend the opening of their solo show, and a face-to-face portfolio review with a BJP editor; and, their work will be published across all BJP print and digital platforms, offering a fantastic opportunity of worldwide exposure.

Hannah Watson, the director of TJ Boulting and Trolley Books, an independent photography and contemporary art book publisher, which marks its 17 year anniversary this year, will once again be one of our judges on the IPA’s prestigious judging panel.

Artwork © Dominic Hawgood
Artwork © 2015 IPA winner Dominic Hawgood

Watson has worked with some notable names in the photography world, including Alixandra Fazzina, Robin Maddock, Nina Berman and Stanley Greene, but is also known for endorsing emerging talent, often giving exhibitions to photographers and artists who have not previously been shown in London.

TJ Boulting is not a gallery that associates itself exclusively with photography, however, the medium is given as much value as any other.

For example, the gallery has a booth at Photo London.

This summer, it also hosted ‘Now You See Me’, an exhibition looking at the role of the body in photography, featuring work from Mat Collishaw, Jo Spence and previous IPA Series winner, Juno Calypso.

Now You See Me exhibition © TJ Boulting

Watson has previously said: “I think of photography as any other medium. I’m looking forward to seeing work that is not prescribed photography. I think photography can restrict itself, if you start thinking like that. In art schools now, you can do drawing and it will cover film, photography, painting. The medium is more liberating now.”

Each year, she works in close collaboration with the IPA winners to create unique presentations of their work, using the contemporary gallery’s space to its full potential.

Exhibiting artists are given almost complete freedom to manipulate the rooms as they wish. 

Calypso says that working with the curator “was interesting, we became friends but also developed a really good relationship with my work.

She was never satisfied just to make everyone happy, she would go the extra mile to make sure that it would look good.”

Calls to BJP IPA 2019 are now closed